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Central European Journal of Communication

Central European Journal of Communication

Scientific Journal of the Polish Communication Association

You are here: Home > Browse Journal > Volume 1 No 1 Fall 2008 > Fox News and the polarization of attitudes in the U.S.

Fox News and the polarization of attitudes in the U.S.

Wayne Wanta

(University of Missouri–Columbia, USA)

ABSTRACT: Mass media in the United States have historically evolved through three stages in which the content is aimed at the elites, then the masses, then specialized audiences. This evolution has recently been taking place within the news media, where Fox News is now being aimed at conservative viewers. The effect of the conservative content of Fox News on its viewership was examined. Findings from a survey show that Fox viewers are more polarized than other news consumers on several issues.

Whether they watched Fox News or some other news program, however, the respondents consistently felt that the media were between good and fair in their coverage. Fox News viewers seem to be relatively satisfied with the news content they receive – or at least as satisfied as respondents who get their information from other sources.